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Dream Theater to release new album ‘The Astonishing’

With just 10 days until the release of Dream Theaters double concept album, we can feel the anticipation rising among prog fans.

The Astonishing, will be out on January 29th via Roadrunner Records. So far the band has released the albums lead single ‘The Gift of Music’.

Many fans are excited to see the new music performed this February (18th and 19th) in London. The band will be performing the double album in it’s entirety, and since the album comes in at 2 hours 10 minutes, that’s not band at all. For more tour information please visit
1. Descent Of The NOMACS
2. Dystopian Overture
3. The Gift Of Music
4. The Answer
5. A Better Life
6. Lord Nafaryus
7. A Savior In The Square
8. When Your Time Has Come
9. Act Of Faythe
10. Three Days
11. The Hovering Sojourn
12. Brother, Can You Hear Me?
13. A Life Left Behind
14. Ravenskill
15. Chosen
16. A Tempting Offer
17. Digital Discord
18. The X Aspect
19. A New Beginning
20. The Road To Revolution
1. 2285 Entr’acte
2. Moment Of Betrayal
3. Heaven’s Cove
4. Begin Again
5. The Path That Divides
6. Machine Chatter
7. The Walking Shadow
8. My Last Farewell
9. Losing Faythe
10. Whispers On The Wind
11. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices
12. Our New World
13. Power Down
14. Astonishing


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