Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Electric Six are set to embark on two major UK tours

In 2024, Electric Six is set to embark on two major UK tours, with fifteen performances planned for June and July beginning with a newly announced warm-up gig in Cambridge. This will be followed by their customary festive circuit across the UK during November and December.

Originating from Detroit in 1996 under the leadership of the ever-dynamic Dick Valentine, Electric Six has made its mark by fusing garage rock, new wave, punk, disco and metal with a generous mix of humour within their tunes. The band soared to fame roughly twenty years ago thanks to their hit singles ‘Danger! High Voltage’ and ‘Gay Bar.’ Since then they have consistently released a new album each year—maintaining this tradition nearly annually—and supported these releases through comprehensive touring that has cultivated a robust fan base.

Their latest album release Turquoise debuted in September 2023 and featured tracks that were performed live during their late fall UK tour—a celebration marking two decades since their explosive first album Fire took charts by storm.

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