Sunday, April 14, 2024

Breed 77 and Seething Akira unite for an epic tour!

Breed 77 has announced Seething Akira as the main support for their upcoming tour in May 2024. Seething Akira is a six-piece electronic nu-core band residing in the seafront city of Portsmouth, UK, known for delivering anger, despair, defiance, and unapologetic heartfelt honesty.

After a long hiatus, Breed 77 returned with a new track ‘End of the Line’ in March—a fusion fiesta of sound that only they can deliver. Known for their unique blend of flamenco and metal, Breed 77 initially captured the spotlight in the early 2000s by honing their craft on live stages throughout the UK and Europe. Now in 2024 Breed 77 storms back onto the scene with their latest track ‘End of the Line’.

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