Feurschwanz cover Rammstein, Sabaton, and… Ed Sheeran on new album

German medieval rockers Feurshwanz has announced they are releasing a covers album entitled Die sieben Todsünden. This is alongside their upcoming album Das elfte Gebot.

Commented the band: “There are songs you should never ever cover. Completely over done evergreens or relics of alcohol-induced prom nights. Songs that are every metalhead’s bête noire – but also songs that are already perfect and cannot be made better in any way. We’ve descended into the hell of the hit parades and risen to the heavens of music’s heroes to gather the worst of sins for you. The black book of folk metal. Songs that should have never been covered by FEUERSCHWANZ… played by: FEUERSCHWANZ! THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS.”

The tracklist for Die sieben Todsunden is as follow:

1. Ding – Seeed
2. Hier kommt Alex (original by Die Toten Hosen)
3. Amen & Attack (Powerwolf)
4. I See Fire (Ed Sheeran)
5. Gott mit uns (Sabaton)
6. Limit (Deichkind)
7. Engel (Rammstein)

In regards to their original album, Das elfte Gebot, check out Feurscwanz’ latest track- „Metfest“– below:


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