Thursday, February 22, 2024

Firemage ‘The Grove’ – Inspired by Facebook Group

Firemage are a new Folk Metal band from Portugal who have just released their new single ‘The Grove’. The band told us “The inspiration behind the song is a Facebook group called The Folk Metal Grove, and its sense of community”.

The track’s lyrics reminiscent of taking a journey, which makes sense as the band explain more: “We pictured it as a real place, an actual Grove hidden away in some enchanted forest. A place of travellers and adventurers, that is always ready to receive those brave of heart, the lost, the lonely and those who don’t belong. And there’s a fire always burning to beckon all of them home to the Grove.”

Later this year Firemage plan to release their debut album.

Victoria Purcell
Victoria Purcell
Editor of RAMzine - Creator of content. Chaser of Dreams. Lover of cats, metal, and anthemic sounds. \m/

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