Ghost fan wears Nameless Ghoul mask for school photo

Everyone remembers photo day at School. Your parents would make you look smart, even if you did want to stand out. Carlo DiMarco, of Long Beach High School in New York, took his image one step further and invested in an official Ghost Nameless Ghoul mask for this special day.

Photo courtesy of Carlo DiMarco

Photo courtesy of Carlo DiMarco

DiMarco told Loudwire:

“I decided to wear the nameless ghoul mask for my picture because I thought it would be awesome given they are one of my favorite bands … I really wanted to see a nameless ghoul’s yearbook photo too, so now I got to see that. Great way to represent Ghost and made for a great photo that would definitely generate some laughs.”

Surprisingly the school did not intervene and allowed his choice of head-wear. However he did have a few taken without the mask, for his mum. “I couldn’t have my mom upset and yelling at me ‘cause we all know how that goes,” he stated.  Carlo plays guitar is currently looking for like-minded musicians to start a band.

Carlo DiMarco

Carlo DiMarco

Via Loudwire

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