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Ghosts Of Sunset… No Saints In The City

After drawing attention in 2020, with their debut EP Headed West, the duo of singer-songwriters John Merchant and multi-instrumentalist Todd Long, as Ghosts Of Sunset, has continued that process with the band clocking up several hundred thousand streams for their recent singles ‘No Saints In The City’, ‘Look Me Up (If You Come Down)’ and ‘If You’re Not Coming Back’.
Ghosts Of Sunset has now released new album in No Saints In The City that is out on Golden Robot Records through all digital platforms.

No Saints In The City finds Ghosts Of Sunset expanding on the sound of their debut EP Headed West and welcoming even more influence from various genres of music and artists.

While not a true concept project like Headed West was, its intent is to take listeners on a guided tour of the world inside the world of New York City (although it could truly be any large city, anywhere in the world).

The songs follow various characters as they seek everything from fame, love, redemption to freedom, oblivion, darkness, and dirt. Every day across the world, human beings head for various epi-centres of art, culture, commerce, life, sex, and death looking to discover who they are or forget who they were.
The music on No Saints In The City  carries the imprint of an urban environment after the sun hides its face for the day, and the moon takes over, catching the outline of figures slipping between cars, dodging taxis, hustling, shuffling, stealing, dealing, living and dying while the rhythm of the streets continues to plod a non-stop beat that catches many unable to keep pace.

Each song features guest musicians who were hand-picked for their ability to tell these urban tales via their respective voices and instruments and help bring life to the characters whose stories No Saints In The City shares with the world.

Below is a tracklist, alongside label comments:

Tonight’: “NYC punk rock ethos comes to life and manifests itself in the soul of the downtrodden who finally realise the moment has come to make the shift from hunted to hunter.”
‘No Saints In The City’: “The bright lights, buildings carving out a skyline, the streets a constant flow of movement. The lovers, the losers, the self-made, and the broken. The undeniable draw of the urban pace. These streets where dreams are made and hearts are broken. It’s almost like they were waiting on you, planning your arrival. Don’t reach for helping hands, there ain’t no saints in the city.”
Look Me Up (If You Come Down)’: “The city can make or break anyone who dares take their chances on its streets. Every day finds someone new taking their first steps down the sidewalk, ending up in the highest of places, never realizing that the cost of climb is everything you ever were.”
‘If You’re Not Coming Back’: “It’s hard to really know what ‘gone’ means until you come to grips with what ‘forever’ means. As low fadeaway allows time for preparation, but quick flash and burn leaves you with more questions than answers. Asking you’re only true love what to do if you’re not coming back.”

Queen Of Used To Be‘: “Everywhere from reality television to the gutters of the city are littered with former somebody’s who are forced to wrestle with the realization of that the cycle continues to turning, new stars are shinning and it’s all happening without them.”
‘Love Ain’t Enough
‘: “The realization that love is a two-way street and goodbye only runs one way.”
‘Bastards Of The Bowery’: “With its opening tip of the hat to Johnny Thunders and the New York Dolls, “Bastards of the Bowery” chops a path through the filth and sleaze of the lower east side during an evening spent deliberately seeking the solace and oblivion that can only be found in the darkest of places.”
Puzzled Heart‘: “When you’re broken, tired, and ready to give up, someone steps into your life, grabs your hand, and makes a commitment to take the journey alongside of you no matter where it might lead.”
‘Tonight You’re Ok’
: “The one night where old love is revisited, rekindled, then promptly shown the door when the sun comes up.” 
‘Us Against Them’: “The age-old tale of young lovers leaving the safety and stability of a home that doesn’t understand them or recognize them and driving into the unknown with only each other to count on.”
‘Something To Believe’: “The simplest of words from a loving tongue can push you to keep moving forward when giving up seems like the only option. “A light in the darkness”.

‘Queen Of Used To Be’  was released as a single. You can listen/buy here and catch the official video for it right here at RAMzine.  

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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