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DRN by Laurence Harvey

Dan Reed Network will be returning to the UK next Spring and playing songs from what will be a brand new album for 2021 in Let’s Hear It For The King released to coincide with the tour.

Described as being not for the faint-hearted or those easily entertaining, Let’s Hear It For The King apparently goes beyond being just about music, or video, or art in general – This collection of songs and the imagery that will accompany them is a message that rock, funk, electronica, memorable lyrics, and innovative film making.

“We believe this record to be our heaviest, funkiest and most melodic DRN album to date while keeping with our tradition of trying to deliver a strong message of unity through welcoming our differences instead of fearing them,” declared the band’s frontman, Reed himself, “We cannot wait to get out on tour in early 2021 to test these songs out co-headlining with the stellar high energy band Reckless Love and the powerful Mason Hill supporting.”

Back in 1987, Dan Reed Network challenged social conception by looking past race, style and created a sound and entity that reached and spoke to millions of people. Now, the band plans to challenge people on a whole new level.

“At the end of 2019 we celebrated the past touring in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of our 1989 album Slam,” Reed continued. “Back then it was time for us to put our laser focus on the future and immediately locked ourselves in the studio while the world hibernated and created a collection of songs that we believe will blow everyone’s doors off on every level.”

“As our home country struggles yet again with racial strife and trying to find a way through the darkness, DRN has fought this battle since our inception with our music and performances. We’re releasing this album and hitting the road in honour of that battle. It’s a celebration of our differences which make this world so vibrant and ultimately beautiful. Only through harmony can hate be destroyed. We hope that Let’s Hear It For The King will be one more voice screaming for positive change while compelling you to dance your ass off!”

As noted, Dan Reed Network will be co-headlining nine dates with Reckless Love next March, with special guests Mason Hill. Tickets are on general sale here and here.


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