Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Helloween announce release date for new studio album

The new Helloween album ‘Straight Out Of Hell’ is to be released January 21st via Spinefarm Records!

The bands are also to perform at a one-off show at the London Forum on April 16th! And there is a rumour that future UK shows will follow…

‘Straight Out Of Hell’ was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind who also worked on ‘7 Sinners’. Whilst in the studio in Tenerife, the band are said to have ‘maintained a rawer edge’, and guitarist Michael Weikath, said the tracks will “kick even the laziest listener’s ass!”.

Singer Andi Deris goes on to say: “We’ve always followed our own path when it comes to music… and if someone had ever tried to stop us, well, we’d have done what we wanted, anyway! Some of our moves have attracted negative reactions at first, but in time they’ve gone on to reap success and reward, and that’s the kind of freedom you can feel on this new album – we don’t allow ourselves to be put under pressure…”

Check out Helloweens new video for the first single from their new album ”Nabataea’.

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