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Martyrs Burn with Iron Allies

Following the release of their 2022 debut Blood In Blood Out, Iron Allies – featuring former Accept members  Herman  Frank and David Reece – release heavy riffed anthem ‘Martyrs Burn’ as their latest single and video.

Concerning the band formation, Reece continued: “After receiving a message a few months back from Herman Frank if I’d be interested in writing together, I immediately jumped at the opportunity after hearing some of his trademark riffs.

“I’ve always loved Herman Frank and his style of writing and playing and I really believe we’ve created something special together with our album Blood In Blood Out. Our rhythm section is also amazing including Malte Frederik Burkert on bass, Francesco Jovino on drums and Mike Pesin on rhythm guitar.

“To be clear this is not just a project this is a full group and Herman and I feel we’ve got many years of creating and playing live shows together. The music is metal but with melody, great riffs and grooves and from a lyrical perspective there are many songs where there’s something for everyone to identify with. I look forward to touring and seeing all the fans in the near future!” 

Frank commented: “This record cannot be compared to anything David or I have produced in our past. It’s at the same time standing on its own, while sounding like it came from the one and the same mold. You could say: the two of us have sought and found each other!”

Sparks really started to fly during Frank’s visit to Piacenca, where Reece is living. “We hit it off right away because David – like me – is not only an old warhorse, but a total music lover. It’s only with this unswerving passion for music that you can last as long as we have in this shark tank. I love David`s voice, that unique blend of metal, rock and blues. Also, he’s an awesome lyricist and as a US-American he obviously has a much greater range of vocabulary than non-English-speaking singers.” 

Blood In Blood Out was recorded at renowned Horus Sound Studio in Hanover with co-producer Arne Neurand, and was mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward.

Tracks featured are: ‘Full Of Surprises’, ‘Blood In Blood Out’, ‘Destroyers Of The Night’, ‘Fear No Evil’, ‘Evil The Gun’, ‘Martyrs Burn’, ‘Blood On The Land’, ‘Nightmares In My Mind’, ‘Selling Out’, ‘Freezin’, ‘Truth Never Mattered‘ and ‘We Are Legend (You And I)’.

The album is available to order here.

Last October, they brought out ‘Destroyers Of The Night‘ as a single, with Reece commenting: “‘Destroyers Of The Night’ is a video about each and every one of us who feels the need to cut loose (especially these days) when darkness falls it’s time to let our spirits shine.”

They previously released the album’s title track as a single, and he commented on that: “‘Blood In Blood Out’ is about the commitment to rock ‘n roll. It’s in all of our DNA once bitten your hooked. Herman wrote the crushing riff and the lyrics say it all about each and every one of us.”

You can check out the videos to all three singles here at RAMzine.

‘Full Of Surprises’ was the first single, offering a taste of things to come, and you can also check out the video for that one here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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