Samantha Fish by Kaelan Barowsky

Is Samantha Fish Your Dream Girl?

A 2021 UK tour already in place, Samantha Fish has released her latest single, ’Dream Girl’ taken from the rave reviewed studio album Kill Or Be Kind.

’Dream Girl’ is about trying to be something you’re not. Someone else’s ideal or fantasy,” Fish explained. “The video has ‘real-life Samantha’ looking for answers and inspiration. The heroine in the story might have all the pieces of what she’s looking to be, but she is still wandering through a fairy tale. There are no happy endings when you are trying to measure up for someone else. If you don’t own who you are, you’ll still end up lost in the woods.”

The track showcases the more downtempo side of the singer/guitarist’s eclectic musical palate, as RAMZine readers can see, by watching the single’s official video above.

For more about the Samantha Fish headline UK tour in March 2021, reviews and other news about Samantha Fish at RAMzine click here.

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