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Jim Davies teams up with Tut Tut Child for new track ‘Trigger Finger’.

Former Prodigy and Pitchshifter guitarist, Jim Davies, has teamed up with electronic artist Tut Tut Child for the next track off his forthcoming solo album – Headwars.

Check out the video for the track entitled ‘Trigger Finger’ below:

Davies had this to say about the track:

“I’ve been working with Tut Tut Child for several years now. Before I knew him, I had a few of his tunes on my gym playlist! We met each other completely randomly at a Christmas party a few years back and after a huge amount of booze, declared our undying love for each others work. We’ve since written a load of music together for TV and commercial release. A track we wrote for TV called ‘Unleash the Devil’ [a mentally heavy electronic metal tune] won ‘Best Wildcard’ at last years Production Music Awards.”

Jim Davies’ solo album, Headwars, is released on April 10th.

The tracklisting for Headwars below:

2. CONTROL+Z (Feat. MD Clayden, Jason Bowld)
5. TRIGGER FINGER (Feat. Tut Tut Child)
6. GAME OF FACES (Feat. Abbie Aisleen)
8. CAGED (Feat. Jason Bowld)
9. NOW YOU KNOW (Feat. Milly Rodda)
11. WE SET THE PACE (Feat. Tut Tut Child)
12. MODIFY ME (Feat. Abbie Aisleen)

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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