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JOLLY reveal new video for ‘As Heard On Tape’

Winston Churchill once said “When you’re going through hell, keep going”; the New York band Jolly liken this to the tone of their new video for their latest single, As Heard On Tape.

After touring with Polish prog legends Riverside, Jolly have released two acclaimed new videos. Their latest being unveiled this weekend for As Heard On Tape can be viewed below!

The band explained what the video means to them:

“Sometimes the only way to deal with true pain is to just feel it head on. At the height of the Hurricane Sandy Disaster, David Roya, the father of Jolly drummer/producer Louis Abramson, decided to walk to the beach for the sole purpose of letting his pain take him over. This was a particularly hard time for David, living for months in what seemed like a post-apocalyptic world, with no power, limited food, cloudy polluted air, and all the time in the world to think. Beyond the immediate trauma of the disaster, he now began to face his own mortality and feel the repressed pain of his entire life.

David walked to the beach, and spent about an hour crying, laughing, screaming, and just running through all the emotions that arose.

When he was finished, he felt a surge of relief, and energy. When he returned back home, Jolly was over finishing up a day of filming the video for Dust Nation Bleak, and discussing ideas for further videos. David came bursting into the room and began to tell Jolly all about his experience on the beach and how profound it was. He was oozing with excitement and elation.
After he left, bassist Anthony Rondinone turned to the rest of the band and said ‘this should be a music video..'”

Jolly’s latest album The Audio Guide to Happiness, Part II is out now.

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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