Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Julian Cope to Release Saint Julian Deluxe Edition

Rock legend Julian Cope is set to re-release his third album Saint Julian as a deluxe edition. The album was originally recorded by Cope, alongside his bandmates Donald Ross Skinner, James Eller and Chris Witten.

The deluxe edition contains all of the original songs, as well as a host of B-sides and remixes done by Cope himself.

Disc 1

01. Trampoline
02. Shot Down
03. Eve’s Volcano
04. Spacehopper
05. Planet Ride
06. World Shut Your Mouth
07. Saint Julian
08. Pulsar
09. Screaming Secrets
10. A Crack in the Clouds

Disc 2

01. I’ve Got Levitation
02. Umpteenth Unnatural Blues
03. Disaster
04. Warwick the Kingmaker
05. Non-Alignment Pact
06. Mock Turtle
07. Almost Beautiful Child (I & II)
08. Transporting
09. Trampoline Warne Out Mix
10. World Shut Your Mouth Trouble Funk Mix
11. Pulsar Nx Live
12. Shot Down Live
13. Eve’s Volcano (Covered in Sin)/Vulcano Lungo 12″ Remix
14. Spacehopper – Annexe

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