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Game Zero “We want to feel the energy of the fans with these new songs”

We were recently awarded the chance to speak with Italy’s rising hard rock outfit Game Zero, having released an album (find our review here) on the eve of the global crisis we wanted to see how much of an impact this had on the band, their promotion of the new album and what’s in store for the future. Your second album ...

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Crystal Karma GLENN HUGHES

The voice of rock and the grand return of Crystal Karma – A love letter to Glenn Hughes’ exceptionally cool R.O.C.K. opus

What makes a truly legendary musician? One could certainly argue that the marvelous bassist/vocalist that is Glenn Hughes is the living embodiment of everything that constitutes a legendary artist whose work continues to resonate with lovers of rock music. His work with Black Country Communion, Black Sabbath, California Breed, Deep Purple, Gary Moore, and Trapeze (just to list the most ...

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Magick Touch prove Heads Have Got To Rock ‘n’ Roll

If I tell you that this band’s last album was called Blades, Chains, Whips and Fire and that their new album, Heads Have Got To Rock ‘n’ Roll has a cover adorned by a guillotine dripping blood, then I think you can guess we are talking serious rock…and Magick Touch delivers both in spades. This Norwegian trio (Bård Nordvik: drums/vocals, Christer Ottesen: bass/vocals and HK ...

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Axel Rudi Pell watches the Sign of the Times

With the release of his nineteenth studio album, Germanic guitar maestro Axel Rudi Pell has again surrounded himself with quality musicians (and maintains his Blackmore ties) with Bobby Rondinelli on drums along with Johnny Gioeli (vocals), Ferdy Doernberg (keyboards) and Volker Krawczak (bass) they supply a solid and well-crafted album of metallic, melodic classic rock. So expect fireworks across the fretboard ...

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The Windmill

Through woods and waves of air – An interview with The Windmill

Last year yours truly had the pleasure of witnessing the Norwegian prog rock outfit named The Windmill at the 2019 edition of the splendid Close To the Rain Prog Festival in Bergen, Norway, where the hugely talented ensemble blew me away by means of their atmospheric and otherworldly compositions. Everything flowed together so seamlessly on stage that night during their set. ...

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Blended Brew

Blended Brew Shove It Down (and up)

Danish band Blended Brew have an album, Hand Patrones and an EP, Laughing At Your Feet to their name and now they have added their latest opus, Shove It Down to the list. Pleasingly for me, they have stayed with their 70s influences and further developed their own identity on this fine rock album. Opening with a great drum and bass line, the riff, hammond and harmonica follow ...

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Neal Morse Band – The Great AdvenTOUR – A masterclass of what prog rock is about

Neal Morse is one of the most respected names in prog rock, both as founding member of Spock’s Beard and as a musician. In fact, with the quality of his recorded work down the years, it’s no exaggeration to say he’s a prog legend. He’s formed the Neal Morse Band in 2002 after leaving Spock’s Beard, he also plays in ...

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Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung returns with 26 East

If you know your Seventies US rock, you’ll know the name of this artist, and even if you don’t know the band he made his name with, you’ll certainly know his voice. Dennis DeYoung was the keyboard player and main vocalist with US pomp rock band Styx, and also their main songwriter, penning several of their major top 10 hits, ...

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Brass Owl is a hoot on State Of Mind

I’m always up for a power trio and this one, hailing from Cincinnati, are a welcome addition to the oeuvre…Brass Owl unleash State Of Mind and supply nine tracks of rock with funk, blues and jazz inflections, all wrapped up in a good old jam band. Does it work? It’s a resounding yes from me. Opening with ‘Land Sharks’, the traditional drumstick count-in leads ...

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Gotthard hit lucky #13

Possibly named after the famed tunnel, Gotthard seem to have been on the road nearly as long! Their latest release, imaginatively titled #13, ‘cos it’s the thirteenth is another worthy heavy rock entry into their catalogue. Pleasingly, they’ve kept up the tradition of inventive cover versions – their take on ‘Hush’ in the past, being very good. This time it is ABBA that gets the ...

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