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Lansdowne’s Burial

Following their latest studio album, Medicine, Boston-based rockers Lansdowne  has issued a brand new single, with an anthem in ‘Bury Me’.

“So many of us find ourselves in toxic relationships, ” noted the band. “The saying is true, ‘hurt people hurt people.’ Loving somebody shouldn’t be painful and should never make you second guess your worth. Know your value. Know that you’re worth loving. Leave and never look back. You deserve better.”

‘Bury Me’ is available now: and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

It comes by way of contrast to previous single ‘Safeword’.

“We wanted to give our fans that familiar sexy dirty rock sound they love from Blue Collar Revolver, but bring it into 2023 with some modern production”. The band commented: “‘Safeword’ is really about embracing who you are when it comes to sex. Everyone is curious, everyone has their kink. Don’t be ashamed… embrace it!”

You can stream/download the single on all digital services here and check out the video to it right here at RAMzine.

Featuring Jon Ricci (Vocals), Shaun Lichtenstein and Josh Waterman (Lead guitar/vocals), Glenn Mungo (drums), and Mike LaRoche (Bass), Lansdowne emerged on the music scene in 2006.
In their 15+ years as a band, they have achieved two billboard charting radio singles, over 100 million streams/views across platforms on their music, and have licensed songs to major brands such as iRobot, the NFL, MTV, and more. However, Lansdowne built their name the old fashioned way – on the road, having performed countless shows internationally, including a 2007 tour for US troops across Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, as well as sharing the stage with rock heavyweights such as Theory Of A Deadman, Puddle Of Mudd, Creed, Black Stone Cherry and Pop Evil.

Between 2015 and 2017, the band took a brief hiatus to focus on family and other business ventures, but re-emerged with the hard-hitting single in ‘Bend The Knee’, and the follow up fan favourite ‘Savage’, putting them back on the radar in today’s hard rock scene.

The band released ‘Filthy’ in 2021, with a guarantee of more new music and major announcements on the horizon in 2022. Following a signing with Hamburg-based metal label AFM Records and the release of a lyric video for their mega hit ‘Burn Brighter’ (with more than 11 million streams on Spotify alone) and then followed it up with ‘Medicine’, the title track from their February released album on AFM Records (and available here).

’Medicine’ is the cure for our toxic culture of speaking first and thinking second,” said the band. “’Medicine’ is a guns blazing anthem that does what so many songs have to tried and failed to do: Be critical of today’s toxic culture while also bringing us together to do something about it”. The single is still available on all digital platforms here and you can check out the video for it right here at RAMzine.

“We’re all affected by addiction, either as the addict or somebody that loves an addict and wants to see them get help,” said singer Jon Ricci regarding ‘Filthy’. “The world is more connected and yet more isolated than ever.

“Drugs, alcohol, sex, pain, social media, success – We’re all addicted to something and we’re often alone with our thoughts and problems, when what we really need is a conversation and support. We turn inward when what we really need is to reach out and to be reached out to.

‘Filthy’ is a look inside those addictions, how they can take over our lives, and what can happen when we try to go it alone.”

You can check out the video to the single here at RAMzine. It follows previously-released singles, ‘Burn Brighter’ and the album title track, Lansdowne has also released a music video for the single ‘Halo‘.

“‘Halo’ is about letting someone go, whether it’s the end of a relationship or a life, the song is a devastating look inside how we process loss, ” said the band “The hurt, anger, confusion, all the questions we’ve asked that are left unanswered and all the questions we have that we’ll never get the chance to ask. But it’s also a memorial to the impact that people that we’ve lost have had on our lives. They may be physically gone but they never truly leave us. 

‘Halo’ is a devastating look inside of the reality of loss and learning how to come to terms with the aftermath. 

“We have all lost people. Some of us are in the middle of losing people right now and going through that process can be unbearable. Halo is about that full range of emotions, from anger to despair, confusion, and acceptance. It’s about knowing that the people that we love never really leave us.”

You can check out the video for the new single here at RAMzine and purchase it here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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