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Leaves’ Eyes & the Myths Of Fate

Four years after taking The Last Viking to Valhalla with their previous opus, Leaves’ Eyes‘ ninth studio album, Myths Of Fate, out 22nd March via AFM Records, and in doing so celebrate 20 years as a band and the announcement that they’ll be touring the UK this year.

The new album will again merge traditional metal genres fused with elements of folk, gothic, and classical music. Ahead of that the symphonic metal band, unveil a music video for their new single, ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ now available on all digital services via
here, with an accompanying video you can check out here at RAMzine.

With Myths Of Fate, the band once again set sails for new winds that definitely blow from the harsh shallows of the symphonic metal genre. The fantastic world of legends from Norse and Eastern European mythology is the setting for monumental entertainment. “The early Middle Ages were a fascinating time of change. Some of these innovations have left their mark around the globe and continue to impact our modern world,”, remarked band mastermind and singer Alex Krull. 

The US soundtrack-multi-talent Jonah Weingarten contributes the impressive orchestral score that was created hand in hand with the metal arrangements. “A very inspirational process, where we both influenced us creatively and finally metallised Jonah’s orchestral compositions”, Alex raves. Moreover, Lea-Sophie Fischer (Eluveitie) on the fiddle and Thomas Roth’s play of the mediaeval Nyckelharpa add on mystical sounds to Myths Of Fate.” 

In order to increase their followers’ enjoyment of the stories, the band produced a total of five music videos with Mastersound Entertainment. Filmed on impressive locations in Iceland, Germany and Poland, bringing the myths to screen. Magic creatures, great battles and enchanting warrior queens come to live. Once again, Leaves’ Eyes have created a universe of their own imagination that showcases their talent as storytellers and music perfectionists. No doubt, the band will leave an everlasting footprint in their own genre with this album. “Myths Of Fate” provides a dynamic soundtrack for a vivid escape into a magical world of mythology.

The full list of songs on the new album is ‘Forged By Fire’, ‘Realm Of Dark Waves’, ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’, ‘Hammer Of The Gods’, ‘In Eternity’, ‘Fear The Serpent’, Goddess Of The Night’, ‘Sons Of Triglav’, ‘Elder Spirit’, ‘Einherjar’ and ‘Sail With The Dead’.

With the first, previously-released single and album opening track ‘Forged By Fire’, they raised the magic sword of Tyrfing. In a bombastic double bass blaze, they relate how a deadly weapon crafted and cursed by dwarves is to bring misery over its bearers. “These legends always reflected the real-life horrors of those who told them, making them even relatable to modern events of wars and fights”, said Krull. 

“We played ‘Forged By Fire’, on stage at Wacken as a world premiere and the song was enthusiastically celebrated by the fans!

Then, with second single, the mediaeval hymn, ‘Realm Of Dark Waves‘, listeners are pulled down into the ocean’s desolate depths of Rán, the goddess of the sea. This neck-breaker about the sea maiden wife of Ægir is lyrically linked to other Leaves’ Eyes hit classics about maritime gods, such as ‘Njord’ and ‘Nine Wave Maidens’. Available digitally here you can check out the video here at RAMzine

The international group has toured the continents, playing concerts in more than 50 countries, frequently reach top positions in the album charts and with every output they deliver a multimedia masterpiece when it comes to video clips and artwork. Their live shows are events with impressive stage scenery, including a Viking ship or even the Swords In Rock monument from Norway. 

Leaves’ Eyes play Birmingham, Asylum on 14th March, Glasgow, Slay on 15th, London, The Dome on the 16th and Manchester, Academy 3 on 17th March 2024.

Leaves’ EyesForged By Fire’ is still available on all digital services here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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