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Levi Nice’s Utilitarian Art 

Levi Nice’s new album Utilitarian Art is out now on Counter Clockwise Records.

It has been described as a culmination of harsh post rock noise and thumping electronic drums, that are influenced heavily by the UK electronic scene, with raw and surreal lyrics that despairingly describe the absurdity of death and worth. 
Tracks featured on the album are: ‘Dried Saliva’, ‘Come, Buried Men’, ‘The Engines Will Hear You and Eat You Alive’, ‘Cross Country Locomotives’, ‘Aerial Mast’ and ‘Utilitarian Art’.

Levi Nice is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from London, with a sound that has its roots in the alt/folk genre, with artists such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Sufjan Stevens and The Microphones being his main influences.

The recording restrictions of the covid pandemic forced Nice to adapt and experiment with different production methods that don’t require relying on other people. This birthed a unique sound that mixes lo-fi bedroom folk with lush, experimental electronic sounds. This sound is defined by manipulated acoustic instruments that blur the line between performance and synthesis.

When producing his first full length album Oh Our Father’s Children!, Nice took inspiration from Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound to create a larger-than-life sonic space. This, paired with his experimental use of sound and surreal songwriting, provides a unique take on the alt/folk genre.

You can stream/buy Utilitarian Art here.

Last month, ‘Come, Buried Men’ was released as a third single from the post-rock artist. An ambitious track taking a modular approach to production, it ties together complex sonic arrangements to form a seamlessly flowing intriguing sound. You can still rder/add/save ‘Come, Buried Men here and check him out further on Spotify.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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