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Deus Ex Machina with Liv Kristine

Grammy nominated for her duet with Cradle Of Filth, formerly frontwoman with both Theatre Of Hate and Leaves’ Eyes, Norwegian singer Liv Kristine has made over in fifteen albums and been involved in numerous collaborations, while also establishing a solo career.

Having performed in over sixty countries, her multi-faceted angelic soprano voice performing in gothic metal grandeur, Krisine now stops momentarily in her forward creative path, as she look back over her shoulder, with a new extended release of her Deus Ex Machina solo album debut, to be released by Metalville Records.

Kristine signed with Massacre Records in 1997 to realise the original Deus Ex Machina. Then a young Norwegian, she was completing her Master’s degree in English and German studies so commuting between the University of Stuttgart and recording the album in the Illinois studio. At the same time, she was also touring with Theatre Of Tragedy.

With Nick Holmes (Host, Paradise Lost) she composed the Gothic ballad ‘3 a. m.’ for the album’s 1998 release. It was followed by ‘Portrait: Ei Tulle Med øyne Blå’, based on a children’s song from 1905, and a new interpretation has been created with Geir ‘Gerlioz’ Bratland (Dimmu Borgir, God Seed, The Kovenant, Satyricon) as an LP bonus track on this new release. The song ‘In The Heart Of Juliet’ describes how she consciously and unconsciously experienced her childhood, the feelings of happiness, her love of magical melodies, the wonders of nature with its seasons and, most especially, the freedom of being. To this day, she describes the experience of singing as “my magical bubble”.

Available in  a 2 CD format, CD 1 features:‘Requiem’, Deus Ex Machina’, ‘In The Heart Of Juliet’, ‘3 a.m.’, ‘Waves Of Green’, ‘Take Good Care’, ‘Huldra Part I, ‘Portrait: Ei Tulle Med Øyne Blå’, ‘Good Vibes Bad Vibes’ and ‘Outro’. While CD 2 features: ‘In The Heart Of Juliet (Forever Mix)’, ‘Huldra Part II’, ‘Good Vibes Bad Vibes (Dance On Mix)’, ‘3 a.m. (Late Night Version)’, ‘3 a.m. (Club Mix)’, ‘3 a.m. (Radio Mix)’, ‘3 a.m. (Single Edit)’, ‘3 a.m. (No Loop Mix)’, ‘Deus Ex Machina (Alternative Remix)’, ‘Deus Ex Machina (Guitar Extended)’, ‘Deus Ex Machina (Remix)’, ‘Sun in the Stream’, ‘Sun In The Stream (Demo 1999)’, ‘Inamorata (Live)’ and ‘Inamorata (Demo 1999)’.

The vinyl LP version has ‘Requiem’, ‘Deus Ex Machina’, ‘In The Heart Of Juliet’, ‘3 a.m.’ on the A-Side and ‘Waves Of Green’,’Take Good Care’, ‘Huldra Part I’, ‘Portrait: Ei Tulle Med Øyne Blå’, ‘Good Vibes Bad Vibes’, ‘Portrait: Ei Tulle Med Øyne Blå (Darksynth Remix 2023)’ and ‘Outro’ on the B-Side.

Deus Ex Machina can be obtained here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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