Misgivings forthcoming EP ‘Delete History’

MISGIVINGS, based in Portsmouth, UK, began as an idea in 2013 after a drunken chat at a squat show in Hamburg. Combining a love of travelling, touring, drinking beer and bands such as SAMIAN, JAWBREAKER, ALKALINE TRIO and TITLE FIGHT, the lads are stamping out their own style on the punk scene!

The forthcoming EP ‘Delete History’ is self recorded and self released with a portable mixing desk, speakers and any available space from close friend Jon Moone. The EP racking up 6 songs and clocking in at just over 20 minutes could be classed as a mini album!

The lyrical content of the EP is a bitter review of today’s mundane society, being forced into adulthood, complex relationships and struggling with day to day social situations. All laced with an over analysing irony. The EP is to be released on 03/11/14 through all usual online retailers!


Check out the bands Facebook here: www.facebook.com/misgivingsmelodicpunk

Mike Bearbury
I'm the beer drinking, metal screaming, photo taking, awkward interviewing guy that loves deathcore and anything heavy ever. Metal has been a huge influence on my life and will continue to be so. I get overly excited about meeting bands I listen to; probably something to do with a childhood dream.

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