Tuesday, May 18, 2021

New artist VKT ‘Wicked and Strange’

VKT Cardona aka ‘VKT’ is a London based metal solo artist who has recently found his voice. Pushed by the dark times in life VKT has created a series of six truly epic tracks that many may find relatable. VKT tells us “I am not tied to a genre in particular, but I do have metal as a foundation”, his music is heavy, and at times theatrical and beautiful.

VKT tells us about the birth of his music: “The project itself was a long way coming. I have been writing songs for a very long time and always knew at some point I would be taking these songs to the studio to be properly produced. There was no real plan for when this would happen. Back in December, I had a real dark time. A series of unfortunate events developed, a very close death in the family, personal problems with a loved one, the back of a pandemic and final exhaustion from work… I was rather desperate and depression took over. I was going mad. I called the studio and booked a day. End of December 2020 I went to the studio and honestly didn’t even know where to start. I played ‘Ocean Of Misfortune’ to the producer and started working on it. The result was good, I never meant to sing clean but Mike from Rogue encouraged me. The song worked out well, at least to our satisfaction. The video followed and as it is seen…”

“That was my escape from the place I was in. The project was never meant to be only me but I also didn’t want to carry the weight of a band, especially during all this [the pandemic]. However, I always knew that I wanted to collaborate with some peers of mine.”

Emotional track ‘FooL, Me!’ features VKT on drums, some guitar and the vocals, TEaspike (the winner of The Voice Romania 2016), Mike Kew (producer and guitarist for A New Tomorrow) who rearranged and played some of the guitar riffs as well as backing vocals, and Razz (a solo artist who has worked with VKT on previous projects) who did the scratch with a guitar and backing vocals.

VKT is set to release epic new metal track ‘Wicked and Strange’ very soon [via Spotify] – it’s a passionate and personal track opening with VKT on piano with soft vocals before it gets heavier and really builds up. Ultimately this track is epic!

Victoria Purcellhttp://www.RAMzine.co.uk
Editor of RAMzine - Creator of content. Chaser of Dreams. Lover of cats, metal, and anthemic sounds. \m/

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