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Young Fatigue ask ‘Am I Pretty Now?’

Young Fatigue are an unsigned grunge/alt-rock/punk band from London made up of Ash Dixon (vocals & guitar), Charlie Roe (drums), Michael Enger (bass). They have just released their second single titledAm I Pretty Now?, a track that articulates the mental and physical torment we endure in our attempts to fit society’s unattainable body standards.

The band have released a lyric video that features an old polaroid of Ash as a 5-year-old in a toy muscle suit which the band say is “a poignant example of how body expectations are imprinted on us from a young age”.

Watch ‘Am I Pretty Now?’ here:

The track is deeply personal to vocalist Ash who told us: “The journey of writing ‘Am I Pretty Now?‘ was met with a lot of discomfort, but also relief and liberation. Throughout my teen and adult years, my body weight has played a painfully integral role in how I value myself. Being visibly underweight in a landscape awash with images of strong, muscular men inevitably led to a rock bottom self-esteem and incredibly toxic behaviours. And for our generation, the issue is only exacerbated by the constant bombardment of perfect photo-shopped bodies on social media. Genuinely believing that no one will love you or will find you attractive is an intense thing to go through as a teenager, and while my journey of accepting myself is still ongoing, I feel releasing ‘Am I Pretty Now?‘ is a therapeutic step in the right direction. I hope by sharing my own struggles, our fans can find some solidarity and comfort when their own self-esteem takes a hit. After all, while the body standards we impose on ourselves are often unachievable, the steps to love and self-acceptance are.”

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