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The Siren’s Call of Alterium

Italian power metal quintet Alterium will release their debut album early in 2024, and ahead of that is is their third single, ‘Siren’s Call’ out now.

“‘Siren’s Call’ reveals another dimension of Alterium, capturing the essence of our melodic taste, as if summoning the enchanting song heard by Odysseus and his sailors during their journey. A well-crafted piece of the finest melodic power metal that I am confident will delight many!” said lead singer Nicoletta Rosellini.

The new single is available here and you can check out the video to it here at RAMzine.

Rosellini was formerly with Kalidia and Walk in Darkness, and her former Kalidia bandmates Paolo Campitelli on guitars and Dario Gozzi on drums, alongside guitarist Alessandro Mammola (Draconicon) and bass player Luca Scalabrin (Altair) form Alterium.

The band first got together last year, inking their worldwide deal with AFM Records/Soulfood Music this year, and releasing debut single ‘Drag Me To Hell’, that you can also check out here at RAMzine.

“I am finally happy to present you Alterium, my new power metal adventure,’ Rosellini said at the time. “In the past months, we have poured our hearts and souls into crafting a debut album that harmonises captivating melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and thunderous drums. The result is a strong debut album that we are eagerly anticipating to share with all of you.

“We are also filled with enthusiasm to share the exciting news we joined forces with AFM Records! Our music and vision align perfectly with their understanding and belief, making this collaboration truly thrilling. We take immense pride in sharing the label’s roster with an array of renowned exceptional bands.”

They followed through with a second single, a cover version of the Sabaton anthem ‘Bismarck‘ of which Rosellini said: I couldn’t be more excited about our new single, a cover of Sabaton‘s iconic track ‘Bismarck’. This song has always been a favourite of mine.  We’ve worked tirelessly to capture the essence of the original while infusing it with our energy, also featuring orchestral composer Gabriele Boschi (Winterage) to add even more intensity to the arrangements.”

Available on all digital services here and you also can check out the video here at RAMzine

AFM Records/Soulfood Music.

 “After the first contact with Nicoletta, we at AFM were immediately hooked. Alterium is uncompromising power metal paired with a powerful voice performed by a powerful woman!” said the parent record company.

Jochen Richert, CEO at Soulfood Music commented, “Nicoletta, well remembered by many fans as Kalidia‘s front woman, is bursting with energy and this is fully expressed on their debut album. It was clear from the start that we would embark on a journey together. We are absolutely convinced of the success of Alterium, so we will bring in all our label power.”

After Kalidia parted ways, Rosellini decided to take a different approach, developing her potential as both a singer and a songwriter. Under the guidance of producer Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call), Alterium has finished the recordings of their debut album that will be available through AFM Records/Soulfood Music.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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