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Morpheus Project releases debut album, ‘Mozaick’

Last Friday Morpheus Project, a band celebrated for prog metal experimentalism and spearheaded by composer Mustafa Khetty, released their debut album Mozaick. The album breaks boundaries by incorporating a variety of musical nuances that are normally excluded from the genre into it seamlessly, which only serves to make the overarching listening experience richer.

While all tracks exemplify this wonderfully, a particularly strong example can be found in ‘Tomorrow Never Comes.’ What begins as a tapestry of rhythm that’s largely hallmarked by the use of bongo drums organically evolves into a funk-fueled hardcore haven. This exemplifies Morpheus Project’s ability to weave together a conglomerate of musical elements and still manage to have them find a home under the prog umbrella, which is something that prevails throughout the album. Mozaick is a debut album where the bar was set high, leaving any future output from Morpheus Project as something that will be hotly anticipated.

Lindsay Teske
Lindsay Teske
Assistant Editor of RAMzine - Given that she was starting to listen to Led Zeppelin at the same time her friends in school were starting to listen to the Jonas Brothers, Lindsay isn't surprised that she grew up to write about rock and metal music. Originally from Chicago, Lindsay holds a BA in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University. She also writes for Consequence of Sound, is a self-appointed Sex Pistols expert, and loves to discover emerging artists. Above all else, though, Lindsay is so

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