Sunday, July 21, 2024

New Single Released By Feuerzeug

Called Release The Kraken, the song originally comes from the album Dead Wahines and Tsunamis.

Released in 2011, the album was the result of the media attention that Feuerzeug brought on themselves are their smash first album, Drive Fast and Crash.

Feuerzeug, which means “The Lighter” in German is a Swiss stoner-rock/fuzz band based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in 2008 by David Denega (guitar-lead / singer) and Marc Cappelletti (drums / backing vocals) they originally named themselves Tesla Intoxicates, but after the arrival of Steve Wolfensberger (guitar) and the current bass player Terry Pinard, the band changed its name into Feuerzeug.

To sneak a listen to the track, have a look on SoundCloud

You can buy Dead Wahines and Tsunamis on Amazon now

Dead Wahines and Tsunamis Coverart

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