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Nitroverts’ Helladrenaline

Nitroverts is a hybrid electronic rock/nu-metal fusion collaboration between two Belarusian artists and they have just released their latest single ‘Helladrenaline‘.

The electronic rock track is an action-packed single featuring a brutal vocal performance from Yann Zhanchak, melding with thrashing guitars for an aggressive and electrifying soundscape. Heavy rhythms, laced with synths, and turbulent electronic beats push it forward towards the boundaries of perseverance.

“This is the fastest track on the album,” stated Nitroverts. “When the speed meets the devil under an adrenaline rush. For those who like to live in a fast lane.

Helladrenaline‘ is out now from FiXT and available here amd you can check out th video for it here at RAMzine.

Where I Belong‘ was the single before and been described as a “Driving turbulent force marrying Yann Zhanchak vocals with the production skills of Fury Weekend producer Ars Nikonov. The single is an energetic tempestuous storm of hard-hitting beats delivered with “Fiery thought-provoking lyrics, and heavy thrashing guitars, for an overall blistering track that explores our relationships and the power of the human spirit in today’s society”.Accord to the musical act: “The track grew from the idea of one simple riff straight to the heavy industrial metal song with a powerful chorus.”

“The main message of the song – is self-development, about the people who have the perseverance, the tenacity, the faith and those who don’t have it and don’t expect it from the others.”

Where I Belong‘ is available here.

A previous single was ‘Alienated’ and this was fast-paced, overlaid with synths, heavy guitars, and steady rhythms and interlaced with a sinister and at times blistering vocal performance from Zhanchak.
“The idea of this track was born long ago but came to final touch with the writing of the lyrics about self-deception and the idea that sometimes people tend to be strangers to each other more than they can imagine, said Nitroverts.

Previous to that they released ‘What’s Going On‘.

Discussing that single, Nitroverts said: “This is a story behind the man who is shocked with world everyday news and pandemic situation. All his distress and emotions towards these things are reflected in the lyrics of the song. There is no one to believe, nothing’s clear, everyone gets crazy and no one knows when all this will end, what’s going on?”

The duo hit the ground running with the single, ‘Starting Point’. Aptly titled, it was the first in what has been a series of singles from the band, fusing modern metal and electronics behind a riveting vocal style. 

Starting Point’ is also part of the all-original FiXT: Radium anthology and is out now on all platforms from independent electronic rock label FiXT.

“As for ‘Starting Point’ it’s a track that represents all bright sides of the project- energy, drive, mixture of different styles, heavy riffs, and a high octane vocal,” Nitroverts commented. “As for lyrics, the starting point is a philosophical song about searching for yourself and struggling when you need to start again from zero,” said the band.

Check them out here and via both singles videos.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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