Nothing More
Nothing More by Aaron Kudler

Nothing More record a track at Abbey Road Studios

Nothing More have been in Westminster at the famous Abbey Road Studios, living their own personal Beatles experience, crossing Abbey Road (see above photo) and recording an acoustic version of ‘Fade In/Fade Out’.

Nothing More add even more emotion to this already highly passionate track by recording it acoustically. The most passionate music tends to come from real life experience, this tracks is a pure example of this. The music that Nothing More produce is always highly emotive and beautiful but the acoustics take ‘Fade In/Fade Out’ to a new level at these hallowed studios.

Jonny Hawkins

Jonny Hawkins

Vocalist Jonny Hawkins says “When I sing this song I daydream about my childhood… the days before my parents were broken apart by cancer. I think about how my dad taught me to throw a ball. I think about how my mom taught me to tie my shoes. I think about how my dad would always say “hard work pays off” trying to teach me a lesson while I was focused on a video game, too young to care. I remember my mother consoling me when I threw a paint brush to the ground, frustrated by an unintended slip of the hand. I will never forget what she said, “Jonny, it’s not a mistake, there are no such things as mistakes, just creative opportunities.” I think about the first moment I realized that they wouldn’t be here forever.  I think about how thankful I am.”

Nothing More

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