Oceano – Dead Planet – New Album Announcement

So on January 2nd, renowned deathcore band OCEANO, posted on their Facebook page, “This will be our year. Who’s ready for new everything from us?”. From sheer excitement i lost all control of my body, I tripled myself, but I digress.

Oceano. New stuff. That means a new album? Thats a surefire recipe for a complete deathcore universe fustercluck. Then on January 7th they added some ghost chilli grade shit to the metaphorical news pot, and stirred that shit right up. Announcing a commentary for the concept on the new album, thus confirming new album, I came a little. Next they announced plans for a new tour!? HOLYSHITF*CK BISCUIT TINS.

January 9th they posted on the page, “1.12.15 #OceanoAwakens”. A confirmed date of release of something. I can hardly contain myself; I’ve got veins popping out of my veins. On the 10th they released this image, it didn’t even tell me anything new, but I still went ape shit.

The next day, another image!? Im losing it, totally. Pure excitement has taken full hold of me and I’m literally counting down.

Oceano - Dead Planet


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