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One Last Day unleashes ‘Not Ready To Die’

Berkshire band One Last Day have unleashed their new single ‘Not Ready To Die’ (listen below). The track opens with the pounding drums of Adrian Osman, quickly followed by the slick melodic guitar licks of Gareth Stapleton and John Harmsworth – followed by the personal lyrics, solemnly vocalised by Alex Willox. One Last Day have formed an electric brotherhood, Willox tells us;

Since the guys and I got in contact I felt an instant connection to their artistic passion and desire to play and immediately wanted to be a part of this brotherhood or fellowship. Let’s say, fellowship!

Alex Willox, 2020

Willox explains how the track relates to these current times as he shares his message of passion and getting through the times;

‘Not Ready To Die’ is a track that I feel many will resonate with during these trying times for many. If we can all take one thing away from this track it’s please don’t give up on whatever journey you are on no matter the circumstance. We need to be there for each other. This track is living proof we can adjust our journeys. All band members had to be remote during the whole process which can be tough but like millions of others out there right now we are getting it done and learning boatloads. Our way of being there for our friends and loved ones is through our passion of playing and delivering great music. We hope you will all enjoy our music too and cannot wait to fire away on this journey together.

Alex Willox, 2020

One Last Day worked together and challegend themselves on this track as John Harmsworth (Lead Guitar) tells us;

For me personally, it pushed me out of my comfort zone, as my usual style is playing hard rock/blues. On ‘Not Ready To Die’ we wanted more of a metal/thrash feel to the solo in particular, so it came as a bit of a challenge for me; As a result, it made me a stronger player by allowing me to work with a different style of playing while having the support of my fellow band members.
I’m very proud and grateful to be playing music with not only great friends but talented musicians that make One Last Day

John Harmsworth, 2020

Hit the subscribe button over on the band’s YouTube channel, One Last Day have plans to release their next single later on this year; as well as hoping to play some shows once venues open and it’s safe to do so.

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