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Outlaws & Moonshine – Devil In The Moonshine

The re-emergence of Southern Rock finds Indianapolis based outfit Outlaws & Moonshine throwing their hat in the ring to unveil their first full album, Devil in the Moonshine.

Outlaws & MoonshineFollowing their independently released debut EP, 1919 in 2015, Beau Van (lead vocals, guitars), Mike Back (guitars, vocals), Travis (slide guitar), Chris Van (bass, vocals) and Eric Piper (drums, percussion) toured across the Midwest, extending out to playing festivals and in the spring of 2016 going out on tour supporting Jackyl and Wayland before returning to New York’s Red V Studios, where with producer Vic Rivera they began working on Devil in the Moonshine.

“Vic is hands down the sixth member of O&M,” said Beau Van. “The recording process was laid back yet driven at the same time. There were many long hours of ‘Let’s do that again’ from Vic. He has faith in the band and has a complete understanding of our vision.”

Commenting on the album’s title track the frontman said: “This is about the whole concept of ‘the devil made me do it; I’ve been bitten by this more than once so I’m describing my ten foot tall and bulletproof drunk persona in the form of warnings from my pop – ‘That stuff turns you into the devil’ he would warn me.” Following that ‘Here Comes Bobby’ is a song “about brotherhood and loyalty … and a life that could only end one way,” while ‘Don’t Be Scared’ is about “that one friend who happens to be your partner in crime. That one person who allows you to be yourself no matter what. A mirror of yourself who gives you an excuse to howl at the moon.”  Meanwhile ‘Ride or Die’ is a mid-tempo ballad and ‘My Boom’ is Van’s “take on the perfect soul mate for an imperfect person. The right mix of the things that make the yin and yang complete. And shoving up a middle finger to all who can’t understand.” To round out the album, the band added 1919’s recordings “Just to make everything fuller,” said van.  “Besides, there are a lot of people we didn’t get to reach with those songs the first time around.”

Devil in the Moonshine by Outlaws & Moonshine is released on 24th November through Nemesis Records/Vanity Music Group and distributed by The Orchard/Sony Music.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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