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Pandrador & Odin’s Eight-legged horse!

Inspired and spiritualised by the heritage of Scandinavian culture, Polish post-death metal act Pandrador has signed with Pagan Records to release Seiðr, the group’s second full-length album, and they’ve also just released the third single from it, ‘Nithstang Of Sleipnir‘.

The single is now also available via all major digital platforms and you can check out the video for it here at RAMzine.

The band said: “‘Nithstang of Sleipnir‘ is a prequel to ‘Hvergelmir’ and ‘Valediction Of Exalted One’. ‘Pride comes before a fall’ is probably the best (in its most depressing form) aphorism that can be attributed to  the sound of this piece. We also used here a quote from Rúnatal – a fragment of Hávamálu – one of the most important, and certainly the most important philosophical works in the history of Scandinavian culture.”

Pandrador is a four-piece death metal band formed back in 2015. The group established their presence in the scene with the demo Śmierć Baldura in 2017. With each of their releases they decided to present a different style, but bound with a common extreme metal foundation. The combination of these styles is also present in the band’s lyrical themes, which use Scandinavian cultural heritage as a carrier of the stories told – both from the present and the past.

Seiðr will be released on 26th May via Pagan Records. The album is both a continuation of the well-received self-released debut Ov Rituals, Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny and the opening of a completely new chapter.

Regarding their signing to the label, the band commented: “Pagan Records is a respected name and record label that has been making metal history for over 30 years by working with phenomenal artists, who redefine the genres they come from with each of their albums.

“Whether it’s death, post, folk, black or any other genre, a Pagan Records release is always a special event. For us, it’s not just adding our band’s name to the label’s roster, but more importantly, it’s a huge step forward and new opportunities for which we are incredibly grateful to the label.”

The first single, ‘Hvergelmir’, promoting the new album came out in April and the following month, ‘Valediction Of Exalted One’ – You can also check out the videos to both singles here at RAMzine.

The music video for the former was recorded in Norway and takes the viewer on a journey inspired by Norse mythology, Old English poetry and personal experiences dressed in complex allegories and archetypes.

The music video was recorded by Fat Wolf Pictures (Robert Zembrzycki & Marek Mosiński) with the screenplay written by Robert Zembrzycki and Marek Mosiński in consultation with Bartłomiej Bardon. The costumes used in the video were designed by Paulina Pikiel, while the author of the masks used by the band is Markus Charyton. The video also featured models: Nicole Kruszńska, Aleksandra Antas and Konstancja Wysocka, while the voice-over was taken by Jarosław Juszkiewicz, known from the famous Polish Radio 357, the YouTube channel “Kieruj na Południe” and the Polish voice of Google Maps. 

Seiðr can be ordered here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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