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Peter Frampton releases mini-album ‘Humming Bird In A Box’

Legendary guitarist Peter Frampton has announced a new mini-album titled ‘Hummingbird In A Box’. Set for release on the 29th of  June via RED Distribution/ SonyMusic. The guitar pieces were created for the Cincinnati Ballet, composed with Gordon Kennedy who Frampton previously worked with on ‘Fingerprints’.

Frampton said “Writing for dance was a wonderfully freeing experience. There were no boundaries. We were able to push the composing envelope”.


Track Listing

1. The Promenade’s Retreat

2. Hummingbird In A Box

3. The One in 901

4. Friendly Fire

5. Heart To My Chest

6. Shadow Of My Mind

7. Norman Wisdom

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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