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Turbo Riding with Reckless Love

Finnish sleaze rockers Reckless Love return with their fifth studio album, Turborider. Following a 4-year hiatus and recently receiving gold awards for their first three albums in their homeland, the band is now gearing up for their next move with an album that promises high-energy, synth wave-infused rock with an undeniable 80s touch.

Turborider will be out on 25th February through AFM Records, and the band will tour the UK, co-headlining with Dan Reed Network, and Collateral supporting, later in the year.

The band has released a number of singles prior to the album and now issue the title track in that format too.

Turborider’ is the title track for our fifth studio album, not only because it defines the change the band has gone through sonically, but also because lyrically it paints a story about rebirth,” said vocalist Olli Herman. “That’s exactly what Reckless Love had to go through in order to make it back at all. The couple of years away from touring and the 6 years away from releasing an album have not been gentle and easy for us.

“The challenge we faced is reflected on the relentless up tempo beat that drives the song forward, and with the heavy guitars they create a monstrous feel that inspired the lyric that feature a fictional character, called Turborider,” he continued. “The character acts as a simple metaphor for the band’s music and expression. Gone to hell and back, just to find out that hell has become a part of her, the Turborider sets out to conquer. More electric than before, a rotten hybrid to the core”.

Even though, ‘Turborider’ is definitively on the heavier side of Reckless Love, this tune doesn’t fail to deliver catchy melodies.The song was written very quickly with our producer Joonas ‘Synthinen’ Parkkonen. The vision was clear as day from the get-go. We set out to write an opening track for the album and all we knew was that we wanted it to be like a kick in the stomach, or a punch in the jaw – Or better yet, both.

“When Pepe ripped into the opening riff and Joonas followed with his synths, we had the first demo of the song done in approximately 15-20min. When Joonas was saving the file on his laptop, he asked me if I had already come up with a title for the song. I didn’t even think as the sound seemed to come out of my mouth by itself.”

You can watch the brand new video here at RAMzine and stream the single here.

Tracks featured on the album are: ‘Turborider’, ‘Eyes Of A Maniac’, ‘Outrun’, ‘Kids Of The Arcade’, ‘Bark At The Moon’, ‘Prelude (Flight Of The Cobra)’, ‘Like A Cobra’, ‘For The Love Of Good Times’, ‘’89 Sparkle’, ‘Future Lover Boy’ and ‘Prodigal Sons’.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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