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Ross The Boss’ Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel

Ross The Boss release compilation album Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel on 28th April, through AFM Records – It will be out exclusively on vinyl.

Ross ‘The Boss’ Friedman made music history as co-founder of Manowar, appearing on their first six albums, but also of The Dictators – influencing both heavy metal and punk.

Since 2006, Friedman and his Ross The Boss band have once again been releasing raw and primal epic metal, evoking memories of 80s Manowar greats within its own style. After four studio albums it is time for an anniversary. And this is being celebrated in a compilation of the band’s best songs from the last 15 years, contains highlights from New Metal Leader, Hailstorm, By Blood Sworn and Born Of Fire – Three of those albums made it into the German album charts and peaked at #53 with the 2018 album By Blood Sworn.

Ross Friedman back then on the Born Of Fire era said: “There’s not much difference in how I approach a solo album compared to my work with Manowar. It used to be just Joey [DeMaio] and I working on the songs – recording demos, like we do now. Then we’d present them in the studio and go from there. It’s basically the same process of songwriting, adding parts or taking parts away. I think this time it was just more straightforward and as a result, more efficient. The songs are incredible. Everything worked like clockwork. Also, the six Manowar albums I’ve done have been without a doubt!” 

Ross The Boss features Marc Lopes (vocals), Ross Friedman (guitars), Mike LePond (bass) and Steve Bolognese (drums).

Legacy Of Blood, Fire & Steel Side A will feature: ‘Blood Of Knives’, ‘I Got The Right’, ‘We Will Kill’, ‘Kingdom Arise’, ‘Hailstorm’ and ‘Great Gods Glorious’, while Side B will have ‘By Blood Sworn’, ‘This Is Vengeance’, ‘We Are The Night’, ‘Maiden Of Shadows’, ‘Born Of Fire’ and ‘Denied By The Cross’. 

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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