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Sagntid are in an reflective mood

The now-defunct lo-fi ambient act Sagntid recently released a previously unreleased version of the horror-filled track entitled ‘Reflection‘ from 2005 along with two other outtakes that were captured on tape rather intuitively and on the spur of the moment years ago.

As J.N. states, “This is a previously unreleased demo version of a murky Sagntid tune named ‘Reflection‘, which contains parts and ideas that were used for other compositions later on (one being ‘The Cinematic Quality of Losing‘ from the album titled The Slipstream World of Sagntid). I think this rendition of the piece captures a somewhat sinister atmosphere and contains some interesting layers and textures. If memory serves correctly, it was recorded in a proper lo-fi manner using a 4-track recording device back in 2005. I believe ‘Uroligt Blod‘ is from 2005 as well whereas ‘Bleak Room‘ is a simple sketch that was captured on tape in mid-2008 while traveling in Scandinavia”.

Stream or download the 3-track EP via Bandcamp:

Or stream it via YouTube should you so desire:

Reflection (Demo Version)was released November 8, 2020 via Floodgate Moods Productions.

Composed and recorded by J.N. (2005-2008).
Tweaked, edited, and ever-so-slightly remixed in October 2020 by J.N.
Cover photo by C.N.
Artwork/Layout by G. Owen Wears

The Floodgate Moods Productions Bandcamp profile can be viewed here:

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Lolly Rockly
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