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Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar Get Reckless

A follow up to 2018’s Juno-award nominated Run To Me, the Canadian ensemble that is Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar has a new album out on 20th November through Gypsy Soul Records, going under the banner The Reckless One.  

Embodying roots, blues, blues rock, soul, R&B and a dash of Motown, the album’s twelve tracks cover a lot of ground, including gospel infused soul ballads such as ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’, funk inflected tracks like ‘Love Is All Around’ and stomping four-on-the-floor driven numbers including ‘Don’t Have To Be’ and ‘Sacrifice’.

Recorded during their time off the road to record, due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Reckless One, all but one of the songs was written or co-written by singer, arranger and band leader and Samantha Martin herself.

Her songs act as a panoply of intoxicating, ear worm melodies, tend to focus on the vicissitudes of love: desire, disappointment and, when everything works out, emotional and sexual satisfaction.

The noted exception in the dozen tracks offered on Darcy Yates and Renan Yildizdogan, produced The Reckless One is a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Meet Me In The Morning’ Its been commented of this number that the rock poets lyrics enact in a cataclysmic clash with the sensibilities of The Meters and the hurricane force of Howlin’ Wolf and Tina Turner at their rawest.

As illustrated on the front cover artwork for the new album, love is as delicate as a Faberge egg and can be as volatile as a hand grenade, with one fell swoop – it can blow up so magnificently, that once the dust settles, it can leave you looking at the fragments of that love wondering what went wrong. That description also apparently works when describing Samantha.

The first single from the album was ‘Don’t Have To Be’ and can still be obtained here. More recently released is the follow ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ and you can watch the videos for both of them right here at RAMzine.

The Reckless One  can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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