Thursday, April 18, 2024

Softcult – Another Bish

Sotfcult are a grunge rock band made up of twins Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn from Ontario, Canada. The duo has just released their debut single ‘Another Bish’ a track that purposely, despite its strength, is laced with a vulnerability – as they say ”even the baddest bish probably has a little bit of self-doubt”. 

Find out more about Sofcult on their Tik Tok profile where Mercedes tells a story about how she got kicked out of the green room of one of her very first gigs. The duo stand against the misogyny and sexism they encountered and often held their tongues on, with the music they’re now creating acting as unabashed, outspoken and, most importantly, inclusive feminist anthems inspired by their Riot Grrrl heroes.

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