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Speak Easy Circus ‘Lions Should Hunt’ – A hunt for misogyny

Glaswegian band Speak Easy Circus made up of Jack (Guitar/vocals/keys), Jon (Sax/Keys), Frazer (Drums), and Chats (Bass), have just released their new single ‘Lions Should Hunt’.

‘Lions Should Hunt’ is one of the most upbeat and fun tracks that we have heard in a while, we do love a band with a saxophone and keys combo. This dance-worthy track, however, has a rather serious meaning behind it. The band say that they are “sick of hearing that men are little more than animals who can’t control their urges” but as “that all sounds depressing” the band decided to add in some “banging beats and funky horns to turn this depressing song into an upbeat dance funk anthem”.

“The inspiration for ‘Lions Should Hunt’ came after seeing another advert featuring a busty blonde model. I felt sick of being pandered to and sick of excuses for men and by men. If you expect to live in a modern day society then there are no excuses for being a misogynist piece of sh*t.”

Jack Avison – 2021

Listen to the track now on Spofity.

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