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Stampede Press Launches Support Initiatives to Help Music Creatives

Stampede Press has announced two new educational platforms aimed at delivering valuable support to help more rock musicians navigate the music industry. These free initiatives include the launch of a video helpline service and comprehensive music industry guidebook. Both efforts aim to empower artists with essential insights, life skills, and strategies for better understanding music business in the online digital landscape, whilst retaining passion for creativity and enjoying the arts.

With the launch of Music Mythbusters, an online platform aimed at providing musicians with a unique virtual helpline, this free service gives artists an opportunity to pose questions to qualified experienced music industry professionals, enabling them to receive tailored practical and realistic guidance via personalised video responses. The new forum is geared to deliver helpful insights and pragmatic advice that can help musicians navigate the complexities of the music business with greater confidence.

“Being a music creative/artist/band nowadays is fantastic if you have the artistry, great songs, and work/life and business smarts balanced,” said Rob Town, founder of Stampede Press. “The music industry, like any other business, is a business and requires essential fundamentals in order to operate successfully. Without them, disappointment and feelings of failure are likely to follow music creatives trying to find their way in what is a heavily competitive market. We have so many tools and libraries of information these days, it can all too easily become overwhelming and feelings of underachieving rapidly surface.

Music Mythbusters serves as a solid entry point for musicians seeking answers and striving for a better experience in the music industry, ultimately helping to lower the risk of overwhelment and doubt. Having experienced the pitfalls firsthand, we understand the importance of guiding enthusiast music creatives away from common trappings that can derail even the most driven and passionate musicians.”

Heading up this new initiative with Town is Earthtone9 vocalist/co-manager Karl Middleton. A veteran of the music industry both on and off stage, Middleton has a rich and varied portfolio as a creative artist, performer and business professional. As a music educator, he’s run music colleges in Detroit, Michigan, and most recently WaterBear, the College of Music in Brighton, taking a lead role in facilitating the development of the next generation of music and music industry talent.

Middleton said:”I’m delighted to be working with Rob and the Stampede Crew. Rob’s expertise, enthusiasm and vision are undeniable. It’s going to be interesting and exciting to hear from upcoming musicians about the challenges they’re facing. Bring. It. On.”

Town added, “I’m thrilled that Karl’s come aboard to be part of Stampede, as his knowledge, credentials and experience are second to none. So many musicians have benefitted from his skill sets and I can’t wait for this to continue with our own unique take on music myth busting. Earthtone9 remains one of the integral blueprints for talented determined rock artists wanting to navigate the music business on their own terms. They played such an important part in breaking down barriers and enabled the likes of Panic Cell (Town’s former band) to be successful. It’s fantastic to come full circle with Karl now part of the team to confidently launch this new service and industry book.”

To learn more about Music Mythbusters click here.

Alongside this is A Rock Musician’s Guide To Thriving In The Music Industry, a new informative ebook that delivers over 30 years of Town’s experience as both a musician and music business owner in a comprehensive guide aimed at helping musicians navigate their music business in a fast and fluid digital age.

A valuable educational entry point that delivers practical forward-thinking insights into an ever-evolving landscape, and underpins the importance of musicians understanding the necessary life skills and business side to their craft. The free book advocates the need for more music creatives to have solid commercial enterprise strategies, supported by a nurturing team, to cultivate a sustainable career, whilst emphasising the need to prioritise mental health in the face of what can be challenging terrains.

A Rock Musician’s Guide To Thriving In The Music Industry is available by clicking here.

Since launching the direct to listener music marketing platform, Fans For Life, last year under the professional eye of seasoned music industry veteran Peter Moore (Anti-Clone), Stampede continues to evolve to better leverage exceptional resources and know-how to aid more musicians to be happy and succeed as creatives.

“As a collective that has experienced the arts both pre and post internet boom, we want to encourage musicians to embrace open-mindedness and flexibility, challenging traditional norms, boundaries, and leveraging technological advancements,” said Town. “It’s crucial that they do so without allowing powerful assets like data analytics and streaming figures to tarnish their passion for music and hinder potential for exceptional songwriting. We want to empower music creatives to forge deeper connections with fans and achieve higher levels of sustainability, especially as more musicians continue to enter the industry and dive deeper into social media and Web3 technology. More investment in understanding, accountability, and resilience is crucial for musicians if they are to channel good mental health and wellbeing to give them the confidence they need to survive and thrive in the music industry. If we can play a part in helping to achieve this, then it’s game on. See you down the front.”

Rob ‘Bobby’ Town has over 30 years experience as a self-managed musician, music business professional, and music educator. As a member of the British rock/metal group Panic Cell; he’s shared stages and toured the world with the likes of Metallica, Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Skindred, Slayer, among others. He’s also been a label manager and co-managed extensive UK and Irish tour dates featuring SOiL, American Head Charge, Drowning Pool, Testament, Ill Niño, Stuck Mojo and more.

Throughout this, and since launching Stampede Press UK Ltd in 2012, Town has allied with major label artists and breaking bands to deliver highly effective music promotion strategies. He’s been mentored by legacy musicians and music business professionals who’ve been crucial to the success of prolific groups like Guns N’ Roses, Anthrax, Winger, and Little Angels.

Rob graduated with a Master of Art – Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise degree qualification in 2019 whilst studying at WaterBear – The College of Music in Brighton and continues to educate and mentor musicians globally, helping them to thrive and be happy whilst navigating the music industry.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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