Suburban Ghosts Remixed

Following their recent sold-out live performance debut at Trading Boundaries, comes news of a total remixed release of the Downes Braide Association’s critically acclaimed Suburban Ghosts album on 30th November.

Geoff Downes (Asia, Yes, The Buggles) and Ivor Novello songwriter and singer Chris Braide have made three albums together under the DBA monicker, but on Friday 28th September they were joined by bass player Andy Hodge, who worked on the most recent Skyscraper Souls album, David Longdon (Big Big Train) and David Colquhoun (Francis Dunnery, Go West) and Barney Ashton Bullock as narrator for the first ever live performance together as a band. For more information on this event at Ramzine click here.

DBA’s remix of their sophomore album on 30th November has the record tweaked in its titling as Suburban Ghosts 2018 to differentiate it. Braide remixed it and it was mastered by Mike Pietrini and now features additional musicians.

Joining original band members Chris Braide (vocals, programming, piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards) and Geoff Downes (programming, piano and keyboards) on the remix are: Patrick Howley (electric guitar), Dave Gregory (slide guitar), Lee Pomeroy and Andy Hodge (bass guitars) and Ash Soan on drums.


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