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Susan Santos’ Snakebite

Celebrated Spanish guitarist and singer/songwriter Susan Santos’ new studio album, Sonora, will be out on 5th April 2024, and leading the way towards the sunshine we all hope for is new single, ‘Snakebite’ that’s out now.

Available, to stream here, with a music video you can check out here at RAMzine, Santos said of the track:

“On ‘Snakebite’, I wanted to achieve the darkest and most swampy point of the album,” adding, “It’s a poisoned love story narrated as if it were a duel to the death and at gunpoint in the Wild West.

“The female protagonist feels enslaved, as if bitten by a snake, poisoned and it’s clear to her that she does not intend to waste her last bullet by sitting still while the poison makes its way through her veins. Sand, sweat and a whistle in the background.”

Sonora will be Santos’ sixth studio album. The album title is said to encapsulate the overall vibe that permeates throughout the eight songs. Although each of the album tracks vary in style, they all share a common thread – the desert. Sonora is the first that that Santos fully identities in more ways than one. The album is diverse and encompasses guitar styles that ranges from western to psychedelia.

Based in Madrid, Susan Santos is a passionate, self-taught left-hand guitarist. She writes her own songs that reflect her signature blend of rhythm and textures. The gifted Spanish guitarist and singer songwriter has spent years performing in famous establishments and venues, and numerous festivals throughout Europe, Mexico, and America. She has shared the stage with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and won Best Musician Performance at the 2018 European Blues Awards, and Best Female Album at the 2019 LA Critics’ Awards. 

Sonora was recorded at Black Betty Studios in Madrid, Spain and is produced by Santos and Jose Nortes. With all songs compose the guitarist, she recorded as a trio with David Salvador on bass and Juli El Lentoon drums. Santos sang lead vocals and played electric, baritone, and acoustic guitars, banjo, and theremin.

Tracks featured are: ‘Hot Rod Lady’, ‘Snakebite’, ‘So Long’, ‘Have Mercy’, ‘What I Want’, ‘Voodoo Wheels’, ‘Call Me Tonight’ and ‘Let It Ride’.

The songs tell stories ranging from survival, thirst, outlaws, escape, and freedom against a backdrop of scorpions, lizards, and roadrunners. Before listening, it is highly recommended to embark on your road journey with a full tank, and don’t pick up any hitchhikers!

Previous single, ‘Hot Rod Lady’ is still available to stream here and you can check out the video for it right here at RAMzine – It was filmed at Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA.

Sonora can be ordered here and pre-saved digitally here.

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Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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