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Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess to Release Solo album

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has signed with InsideOutMusic for a brand-new solo album to be released later in 2024, and ahead of that launches the first single from it, titled ‘Embers’.

Previously available as part of a collaboration between Rudess and Moises AI, the track features the keyboard player alongside renowned drummer Darby Todd (Devin Townsend, The Darkness) and vocalist That Joe Payne (The Enid), as well as a guest guitar solo by Bastian Martinez. 

’Embers’, the starting spark of my upcoming album, sets the tone for my latest solo musical journey,” Rudess commented. “Originally created for Moises’ innovative platform, this track captures a mellower vibe, different from the rest of the album’s progressive tunes. For those prog heads out there, never fear, this album runs the gamut of my musical expression and you will get your poly-meters and snarling pigs.

“The inspiration for creating this track coincided with a project I was asked to do for the app, Moises, a technology that can turn standard audio files into separate tracks while also showing chords, lyrics and more. I hope you enjoy listening to ‘Embers’ and, if you are inspired to add your own musical collaboration on this tune, check it out on Moises.” 

Regarding the album, he said: “I knew I was going to have some time off after the last Dream Theater tour ended. Enough time to, hopefully, complete a new solo album. I wanted this album to push me to evolve a new compositional perspective. So, this album is my inaugural voyage into crafting a solo album with a dedicated vocalist in mind.

“Joe Payne’s vocals inspired me from the first time I heard him and drummer, Darby Todd, has infused each track with his distinctive style.  I’m also stepping into uncharted instrumental territory, playing guitar on a few tracks. Another first, my daughter, Ariana, has penned all the lyrics for this album. We’ve worked closely together, ensuring that each lyric weaves a story and allows Joe’s beautiful voice to soar. Proud Dad here. All around this album is a testament to collaboration and personal growth.” 

Rudess recently made his live debut with Darby Todd & That Joe Payne, with two rapturously received sets on the 2024 edition of Cruise To The Edge, also marking the live premiere of the new single ‘Embers’

Renowned as the “Best keyboardist of all time” by Music Radar Magazine, Jordan Rudess stands out as the extraordinary keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist for the platinum-selling, Grammy Award-winning progressive rock band, Dream Theater. Embarking on his musical journey as a classical prodigy, he studied at the illustrious Juilliard School of Music from the age of nine years old, laying the foundation for a career marked by a distinctive fusion of classical and rock influences. 

Beyond his role in Dream Theater and the power group, Liquid Tension Experiment, Rudess’ musical prowess has resonated across a diverse spectrum of collaborations. From Deep Purple and David Bowie to Steven Wilson and Jan Hammer, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Notable projects such as LMR (his side venture with Tony Levin and Marco Minneman), Steven Wilson’s Blackfield, guest appearances with Deep Purple and Dixie Dregs and collaborations with artists like Enrique Iglesias, the Paul Winter Consort, Annie Haslam, and many others, underscore the breadth of his musical reach. While, venturing into the realm of cutting-edge technology, Rudess has emerged as a pioneer with a focus on state-of-the-art keyboard controllers and music apps.

‘Embers’ is available on all streaming services here and you can check out the video here at RAMzine.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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