Friday, January 28, 2022

Take The Pill Free… From Theia!

 Midlands-based rock band Theia have made their first album – Take The Pill – available for free download for a limited period through WDFD Records Ltd.

All Theia are asking is that people to donate £1 for each download to the charity closest to the band’s hearts –  Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse UK. While it’s not mandatory and we wish there wasn’t a need for such a charity who could deny it does such important work. A quid for an album’s worth of entertainment? There shouldn’t be a need to flip the coin to make a decision, do yourself and the charity a favour and donate.

Theia vocalist/guitarist Kyle Lamley said: “We wanted to combine charity fund-raising with a way to give people something in return. Win-win – we hope! Maybe we will reach people who have perhaps heard of us but can’t afford to buy a normal-priced album at the moment for whatever reason.”

You can donate and receive a digital copy of Take the Pill by clicking here. It is also available through Soundcloud while CD versions are on sale at a reduced price of £5 through Theia’s website.

Theia are currently on tour, in between recording tracks for their third studio album, with forthcoming dates listed below:

Theia Tour Dates

7th April, The Rigger, Newcastle-under-Lyme
20th April, The Key Club, Leeds with Chasing Dragons
22nd April, The Queen Vic, South Shields with Chasing Dragons
24th April, Eleven Club, Stoke with Chasing Dragons
25th April, The Black Heart, London with Chasing Dragons
26th April, Bar 42, Worthing with Chasing Dragons
27th April, Creature Sounds, Swansea with Chasing Dragons
28th April, The Station, Cannock with Chasing Dragons
5/6 May, NLC Festival, The Maze, Nottingham
18th May, The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
27th May, DementiaFest, Wolverhampton
8th June, Gresley Old Hall, Burton
23rd June, Wildfire Festival, Scotland
30th June, Brickfest 18, Hartshorne
7th July, The Giffard Arms with Chasing Dragons
14th July, SOS Festival, Manchester (Acoustic)
3rd August, Route 44, Birmingham with Almost Easy
4th August, The Flowerpot, Derby with Metal Fatigue
26th August, Giff-Fest, Wolverhampton
15th September, Claptrap Festival, Stourbridge
22nd September, The Station, Cannock with Fragile Things/Beth Blade
7th October, Four Sticks Festival, New Cross Inn, London
26th October, The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

For more news on Theia at Ramzine click here.


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