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The Classic Tales of YES Tour 2024

Legendary progressive rock band Yes return to the UK this May, as part of their Classic Tales of YES Tour 2024.  

To coincide with the the tour the band has launched a new edited video of the title track of ‘Mirror To The Sky’ that you can check out here at RAMzine, as well as a new limited edition version of the album becoming available.

The tour will include many iconic tracks from the band’s back-catalogue, one that covers fifty-plus years. The tour will also include a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Tales From Topographic Oceans as well as music from their current album Mirror To The Sky, but the tour will also see the band mining deep into their rich catalogue, with rarely played vintage cuts including material from from 1970’s Time And A Word.

Featuring Steve Howe (Guitars, vocals), Geoff Downes (Keyboards), Jon Davison (Vocals and acoustic guitar), Billy Sherwood (Bass guitar, vocals) and Jay Schellen (Drums), the evening will begin with an on-site presentation by world-renowned artist and designer Roger Dean, whose masterful artwork of striking other-worldly landscapes has graced classic album covers and posters, most prominently by Yes and Asia.

Every show will feature a Roger Dean gallery in the venue’s reception/foyer area. His work – that also appears on the cover of their current album Mirror To The Sky – has sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide. His masterful artwork, renowned for striking other-worldly landscapes has graced classic album covers and posters internationally, and as special treat for fans, as noted above, Dean is planning to be at each show on the tour, to meet with them.

Yes are very much looking forward to playing in Europe and the UK during April, May and June this year. It’s been a while since we toured here and we’ve really missed you all.” said Howe, “We’ve selected a new playlist of Yes music but with some firm favourites in there too, of course! To keep our performances fresh, we now carry our own lights, so we can present a consistent show each night, designed for us by William… Looking forward to seeing you out there!”

While Downes commented: “We are very much looking forward to the 2024 European leg of our YES Classic Tales Tour. It promises to be one of our most interesting sets to date, scanning through much of Yes’s history and with some previously unheard pieces as well as music from our latest album, Mirror To The Sky. As always, we’re committed to pushing new boundaries and are very excited to be performing another chapter in the rich legacy of the band.”

“My band mates and I are very pleased and excited to bring to the UK and parts of the EU our current set of classic Yes music which, covering the rich spectrum of Yestory, delighted US fans last fall. We’ll be performing many song favourites but also adding rarities, some of which haven’t been performed in decades! Let’s all join together in May, band and audience alike, in celebrating what’s best about Yes music. See you there!” said Davison.

Sherwood commented: “Very much looking forward to playing all this wonderful Yes music across Europe and the UK. It’s an interesting set of music and one that spans the many decades of the bands unique and rich history.”

While Schellen said: “I’m very excited and looking forward to performing our 2024 Classic Tales Of YES tour in the UK. This collection of songs is unique in many ways. A classic Yes show, thrilling and dynamic! I’m sure our fans will be excited and pleased as well!”

 For more information and tickets (that go on sale on Friday 8th December at 10am GMT/11.00am CET)  click here with tickets also available from here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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