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The Last Element Found in the Shadows

Amsterdam-based modern metal act The Last Element has collected their various EP tracks on their first physical album, Act I: Find Me In The Shadows, as a CD Digipak via Drakkar Entertainment. Also out now is their single ‘Meant For Shadows’.

 “Act I: Find Me In The Shadows, is not just an album; it’s an exploration of the human soul, a narrative stitched with the threads of hope, despair, solitude, and connection,” the band commented. “Each track serves as a part of a chapter, unfolding stories that resonate with the core of our shared human experience.”

The record sees the band delving into the duality of existence, embracing both the pain and beauty of life. “The album is a call to those who have wandered in the dark, to those who have basked in the light, and to everyone in between. It’s a reminder that we are not alone in our experiences, that every shadow is cast by a source of light.”
Regarding ‘Meant For Shadows’, vocalist Jasper Roelofsen revealed: “From a young age, I grappled with the weight of comparison, each critique and comparison casting a shadow over my aspirations.” He added: “‘Maybe I’m just meant for shadows’ echoes the doubt that lingers when one’s worth is measured against the achievements of others.” 

“’Find Me in the Shadows’ is an invitation to explore the depths of your own psyche, to confront your shadows, and to find comfort in the knowledge that every human experience is shared, in one way or another,” the band added.

You can stream the single here and check out the video here at RAMzine.

The band’s journey through the album is said to be a reflective process, where personal battles give rise to universal truths. From the struggle of self-confrontation in “Slave” to the acceptance of one’s own multifaceted nature and search for a safe haven in ‘Safe’, each song is a piece of a larger puzzle, inviting listeners to find their own meaning within the shadows.
Tracks featured on the album are: ‘Intro’, ‘Wreckage’, ‘Safe’, ‘Ego, ‘Waves (Feat. Jett Rebel)’, ‘Control (Feat. Dropout Kings)’, ‘ Divided (Feat. Dreamhouse)’, ‘Cut It Off’, ‘Lost Cause (The Journey Part I)’, ‘The Mountain (The Journey Part II)’, ‘Bury Me (The Journey Part III)’, ‘Slave (feat. Discrepancies), Meant for Shadows,  The End (feat. Dayshell)’ and ‘Outro’.  

Act I: Find Me In The Shadows is available here. 

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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