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Transplants tease tracks for covers album

In March drummer Travis Barker revealed he is working on a covers album with supergroup The Transplants featuring Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and Skinhead Rob. Today Travis sent out a Snapchat image of the tracklist-in-progress.


transplants snap


Some of the songs are more obvious than others but here is how the tracklist looks according to the snap:

Razors In The Night (Blitz cover)

Gratitude (Beastie Boys cover)

Do They Owe Us A Living (Crass cover)

Saturday Night (possible Elivs Costello cover)

Jump Around (possible House Of Pain cover)

I Hate Mysellf For Loving You (possible Joan Jett cover)

We’re Coming Back  (possible Cock Sparrer cover)

Highway Man (possible Johnny Cash cover)


Nothing But A ??? (G Thing? Snoop Dogg?)

It’s Like That (possible Run DMC cover)

Live Fast, Die Young

Seeing Red

Baggy Trousers (Maddness cover?)



The Transplants have previously performed some of these songs live in the past few years since their last album ‘In A Warzone’ in 2013.

Below is a fan recorded video from 2012 of the band performing ‘Do They Owe Us A Thing’ originally by Crass.

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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