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Venrez confirm UK tour with Michael Schenker!

We do like our hard rock here at RAMzine, and with that something that stands out among the masses, Venrez intrigue us with their spacey approach.
Their new single Children Of The Drones made it to Classic Rock Magazines ‘Tracks of the Week’. We summed it up perfectly in our last article on Venrez when we said: The track promotes some interesting and well put together lyrics, sounding quite laid back but powerful at the same time.
We are currently enjoying their last video for Hang The Predator’, watch here to gather their vibe. 

Having in the past opened for Alice Cooper, and Slash the band have already shared the stage with many greats. In January Venrez will open for Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock.
The thing with hard rock is… particularity when it includes veteran musicians with experience such as these, the talent on display is always such a huge step up from a lot of other genres. Generally if you like a decent guitar solo, it won’t be hard to find.
Frontman Ven tells us “The band is excited about returning to the UK with another legend of rock n roll. Michael Schenker to me is a legend like Slash and Alice Cooper, both of whom we have toured with in the past. It’s been amazing to see the wonderful reaction our fans have had to the new album ‘Children Of The Drones’  – we can’t wait to get back over in 2016!”
Venrez UK tour with Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock this January, see dates on tour poster here:

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