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Wonderlove Back

Rival Sons’ David Beste and Perfect Beings’ Jesse Nason reform Wonderlove, with a third album on the way and a new single out titled ‘When the Vultures Die’.

There was a time when the award-winning band Wonderlove was a celebrated act in Southern California, seemingly poised to break out. But instead, their lives leapt forward to 2020, a year that brought them closer together than ever before – Musically at least, since they were spread out over three states.

The upcoming album All Of The Nightmares from Wonderlove is the opening of a capsule from an alternate timeline and seeing what time in isolation has created.

Wonderlove’s style was grounded in rock ‘n roll, while also encompassing such influences and offshoots as psychedelia, progressive, gospel, R & B. The tight interaction of Dicki Fliszar (drums) and Dave Beste (bass, classical guitar) gives the foundation for the wall of sound generated by Jesse Nason (keyboards), Bryan McIntyre (guitar), and Chris Paul Overall (vocals).

Their first album, Getting Off the Revolution, captured this line-up in their nascent form, with the last song on the album being the only one the band had rehearsed before recording. They quickly began working on their second album, My Submarine, that featured intense arrangements honed from live performances. This album also brought them attention from the larger rock music scene, garnering them four music awards, a hit radio single and gushing praise from critics and fans alike. But then, quite unexpectedly, it was over.

Out of the confusion of 2020, technology brought the five members of Wonderlove back together to start work on what would become All Of The he Nightmares.

The idea came from Dave Beste who simply said during a video meeting, “We should record a couple songs.” Using friends’ studios in Southern California to record drums and personal bedroom studios to record the rest, ten songs had taken shape by early 2021. The new album picks up where the band left off as if no time had passed with riff rock barn burners like ‘Dark Harvest’, ‘On & On’, and ‘Spider Queen’, softer melodic songs like ‘Rain Fall Down’ and ‘The Burden’, and cinematic soundscapes heard in ‘Linger’ and ‘Snake Charmer’.

The new album, like their first features songs never played collectively before recording. However, without the burden of the studio clock ticking away, they could perfect their arrangements into something with far more depth than what was previously possible.

New single ‘When the Vultures Die’ showcases Overall’s soaring vocals over a thunderous drum and guitar groove. You can watch the band’s video for the single right here at RAMzine.

You can also hear Wonderlove on Bandcamp here  and All Of The Nightmares can be pre-ordered here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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