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Photoset: Northlane at Download 2015

We caught Northlane at Download Festival 2015, see the photo set below.

Northlane delivered their crushing, djent-laden metalcore with impressive energy, almost pulling the crowd into the performance with them. They were initially let down by staggeringly overpowering bass levels, particularly the kick drum, but this was toned down later in the set. Seeing the photographer next to me retreat after getting showered in Josh Smith’s saliva, showed me that this band perform in the moment, tapping that instinctive and deep-rooted energy that only comes from engaging fully in the ‘here and now’. Seeing them live will have certainly cemented Marcus Bridge in his role as frontman with the long term fans; of course, with the exception of those who cling desperately to the past – these naysayers are to be ignored. Northlane are as strong as ever.

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See our Download Festival review in Issue 4 of RAMzine:

Marcus L
Marcus L
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