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Photoset: The Struts at Download 2015

We caught The Struts at Download Festival 2015, see the photo set below.

Originating from Derby, just 3o minutes from Download’s venue, local indie rock outfit, The Struts, an incredibly natural and fun-loving group, delivered an incredible set that very much deserved a bigger stage. With that said, the intimacy of Jake’s stage added to the atmosphere of the performance, most notably when frontman Luke Spiller jumped the barrier to join the doting crowd during a fantastic cover of T-Rex’s “Get It On”; he hushed the crowd and his fellow band mates to orchestrate the finest moment of audience interaction I saw all weekend, splitting the audience in two halves and having them sing along in a well crafted breakdown. The sense of fun and enjoyment from both the band and the audience was palpable. Seeing The Struts was one of the highlights of my time at Download this year.

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See our Download Festival review in Issue 4 of RAMzine:

Marcus L
Marcus L
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